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Would you like to grow and expand your business?
Are you open to new sources of funding from prospective investors?
This platform is for you.

Who Can Join the Platform?

Companies & Startups

- Operating in one of the following sectors: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Hospitality, Media, Technology or ICT services
- Have an up-to-date business plan in place
- Registered in one of the following legal forms: SAL, SARL, Offshore or Holding

Investment Proposals

Investment proposals will also be accepted on the platform contingent on submitting a valid business plan or comprehensive feasibility study

Why Should You Join the Platform?

Save money & time

the platform facilitates the process of raising capital for investors and entrepreneurs

Access a trustworthy network of investors

only vetted investors who have signed a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) have access to your information

Become visible

to a large pool of vetted local and international angel and institutional investors

Track down interest from investors

and understand their expectations and requirements

Work with a professional, unbiased & ethical team

that will help you strengthen your company profile and make it more attractive to the investors

Access high-quality legal & financial advice

to help you close an investment deal

Find strategic partners

to help your business grow and expand to new markets